FreeAgent Nottingham

Coalesco is a FreeAgent-friendly practice with staff accredited as FreeAgent experts. We welcome any clients who are already using FreeAgent and want to be certain that their new accountant will be fully expert in the software as well as clients considering moving to FreeAgent. Talk to us about what suits you best.

FreeAgent: Good for freelancers or contractors

Cost: Realistically it is £29 per month + VAT.  There is a 30 day free trial.

Selling points of FreeAgent

It is geared towards a small business owner or freelancer with little accounting experience. FreeAgent is seriously easy to use and has developed a firm following. It uses simple headings like Work and Expenses rather than Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable and lets you reorganise your overview modules by dragging them around.

It allows you to organise your expenses and outgoings or income by project, set up a budget for each one, and provides an overview of each, to help you keep on top of how each one is doing separately.

One of the major draws is the multi-user options and time tracking feature, which makes it very easy for you to manage remote workers or freelancers. Each user can log in and input information on their own timesheets. This is then displayed as an overview of the entire project for the manager or business owner.

Employees set up as users are not able to view or edit any of the financial settings.

Another handy tool is a one-click report that creates a self-assessment summary for income tax, which you can copy to your tax return.

Invoices can be easily created and sent by PDF and email. Plus, you can create payment reminders at set dates after invoice due dates.

FreeAgent also offers a free 20 minute call to help iron out initial setup queries.

Are there any drawbacks?

There are no stock control functions, which means it is not really geared towards manufacturing businesses, for example.