Why Choose Coalesco Accountants?

Based in Wollaton, Nottingham, Coalesco Accountants is a small, friendly, dedicated team provide accountancy services to owner-managed businesses and entrepreneurs in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, as well as further afield. Our name, Coalesco, means “to grow together”, because our success is entirely dependent on that of our clients – and it is our clients’ success that both drives and fulfils us.

What makes us different from other accountants?

We’ve heard a lot of niggles and grizzles about the “typical accountant” over the years so we set out to do “Not That”. What would you really like to get from your accountant?

Value for money?

Coalesco Accountants are probably not the cheapest accountant around but we’re certainly not the most expensive. What we are clear about is providing you with value for money, a fixed quote with no “hidden extras” creeping in later, and understandable invoices. And…

Free meetings and phone calls?

Yes, really, we do that. Some accountants still like to charge for meetings and phone calls and that’s their prerogative.  But we operate a crystal clear policy on fees. Whatever we discuss and agree with you before we start work is what you will be charged. Guaranteed. No “disbursements”, no “‘sundries”, no “additional time costs”. Zilch. All meetings, phone calls, emails, postage – everything is included in our agreed charge.

An accessible adviser?

We find that price is rarely the biggest “beef” clients have with their accountants. Indeed, the biggest gripe is “accessibility” – your ability to talk to someone senior to discuss an issue. If you can’t do that we think, frankly, that’s just rude!  That’s why at Coalesco Accountants we have an “open door policy” when it comes to talking to clients.

In fact, we love to talk to you. That way we get to understand you and your business – and that means we can tailor our services to meet your needs. So if you want to speak on the phone, just call and if you can’t get through, we’ll call you back within two hours. No exceptions. No more “once a year” contact with someone who barely knows your business.

Accounts you can understand?

We take a Plain English approach to all our communications because even we can find accountancy jargon a bit of a turn-off. Your accounts and management accounts will be presented and explained so that you can understand them – and, most importantly, act on them.

Commitment to excellent service?

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing we have never had any rejection of accounts submitted to Companies House, any tax enquiries, tax penalties, VAT enquiries or PAYE compliance checks. We’d like to think this is “standard practice” for any accountancy firm but our clients’ experience suggests otherwise so this is a track record we are proud of and intend to keep.

Our customer service standards are as high as our technical standards. Every client relationship includes a service level agreement; we hold our Client Charter dear to our hearts; and we have a Client Guarantee – we charge agreed fees and if you aren’t satisfied with our service, you only pay what you think we’re worth.

Pro-active support and recommendations?

It’s our job to understand your business, not your job to understand ours. That’s why we don’t sit back and wait for you to ask for advice if we can identify a way to help make your business more efficient and financially secure. From spotting the benefit of voluntary VAT registration to supporting you in raising finance, we have your interests at heart.

We take an active role in setting objectives with our clients and evaluating their success in achieving them.

Fast turnaround?

Does your accountant sit on your accounts for weeks, or months even? We recognise that you rely on having your accounts produced quickly, so we always aim to give clients a 14-day turnaround. In exceptional circumstances it may take a little longer, but 99% of the work we do is finalised well within 14 days. Because it should be.

A smile?

We all know accountants are not renowned for their sense of fun, but we enjoy what we do and you’ll always be greeted with a smile. Try us and see why our clients voted us “100% friendly”.