Tax Services

Setting up your new business books

Whatever the type of your business you will certainly benefit from tax services aimed at minimising your tax obligation. As a minimum, you need to be aware that:

  • If your business is incorporated you will need an annual corporation tax return prepared.
  • Sole traders and partnerships are responsible for calculating tax you owe.

We can support your business by ensuring that you comply with all your business tax obligations as well as preparing personal tax returns for company directors and other individuals.

Want advice beyond the basic tax services?

Our Tax Saving Service is the ideal package for you if you want more than just a simple compliance service from your accountant. It includes annual tax planning meeting to ensure that your business is in the best possible position tax-wise as you leave one financial year and gives you advice on what your tax priorities should be in the coming year. You can find more details here.

By working with Coalesco, you can be sure that:

  • Your tax liability and payment responsibilities are met in an accurate and timely manner.
  • You have a precise understanding of your tax obligations for cash planning purposes.
  • You’ll have no nasty surprises – at Coalesco we really don’t like nasty surprises.

Got a tax question? Give us a quick call on 0115 928 3228.