Trusted Adviser Support

Unlimited telephone support for your business – plus tax fee protection insurance for £100,000 of costs in the event of a HMRC compliance check or enquiry.

Our Trusted Adviser Support Line provides guidance on three key areas critical to your business from Croner, one of the country’s leading providers of business advice.

Employment and Personnel Advice

Whether you are employing for the first time, are trying to cope with changes in employment regulations, or have suddenly encountered an unexpected issue, you can call the Support Line for advice. Common areas of discussion can cover:

• National Minimum Wage
• Disciplining an employee
• Dismissal
• Gross misconduct
• Changes in terms of contract
• Redundancy
• Retirement

Commercial Legal Advice

Covering a wide range of issues, the Trusted Adviser Support Line can help you with questions on areas including:

• Company law
• Dealing with business debts
• Landlord and tenancy legislation
• Partnership law
• Intellectual property – copyright and patents

Health and Safety Advice

Health and Safety legislation changes all the time and our Trusted Adviser Support Line can keep you up-to-date.

Tax Fee Protection Insurance

No tax payer is immune from an inspection by HMRC and tax investigations can be time-consuming, intrusive, stressful – and expensive.

As part of our Trusted Adviser Support Line service, we offer Tax Fee Protection Insurance which provides you with cover of up to £100,000 of professional costs per incident resulting from an HMRC intervention.

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Trusted Adviser Support Line – find out more

Our Trusted Adviser Support Line is available to any of our clients.

Remember, it includes:

• Employment and Personnel Advice
• Health and Safety Advice
• Commercial Legal Advice
• Tax Fee Protection Insurance

Contact us today for more information or to take up our Trusted Adviser Support services, together with Tax Fee Protection Insurance.